Who We Are

HyeTech is a gathering of Armenian professionals who share the technical, business and entrepreneurship savvy that makes the Silicon Valley a unique place to work and live. We aim to cultivate existing ecosystems and provide outlets for ideas to take root and strengthen all Armenians involved.

What We Do

HyeTech puts together events ranging from Lunch, Dinner, Drinks and BBQs to Brainstorms and Showcases. We enable our members to share their learnings and create support systems for others. HyeTech is primarily based in Silicon Valley but we have active members in Los Angeles, Armenia, Russia, Singapore, Australia and elsewhere.


We organize Social Events and bring people together regularly to meet and get to know each other in a close-nit environment.

Create real connections


Our Professional Events are an open sharing environments for members to discuss their ideas, show their products and come to get insights from other members.

It's all about trust


Our goal is to serve our members and bring value to every event. Every member has something unique to contribute to the group and plenty to take away.

You get what you give

Join us April 9 at UC Berkeley, for this exciting HyeTech Showcase 2016 event!